Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

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The following policies are meant to provide standards for when we can ensure same day shipment and can execute adding orders together for the purpose of freight economies for our customers.

Orders will only be shipped to addresses inside the United States. Long items may not be shipped to Hawaii.

Same Day Shipping Deadline

  1. Orders shipping UPS, FEDEX Package or any other form of package delivery service received by 1:30 PM PST ship same day. (Orders selected UPS Ground may be shipped by other carriers.)
    1. Orders requiring keying services: 48 hours out the door for orders of less than 10 keyed locks. Lead times of larger orders to be communicated at time of order.
    2. Orders requiring special modifications such as cutting, drilling, welding, etc.: Determined by kind of service needed. Expected lead time to be communicated at time of order.
    3. Orders requiring special handling such as large batch latch-bolt swaps: Ship next day.
    4. If a customer wants to add to an order that has already gone through production, it will be pulled and not shipped until the next day.
  2. Orders shipping LTL ship next day. Same exceptions as package shipments.

WOG (With Other Goods) Policy

  1. As a service to our customers, when multiple orders are placed together or within close proximity, we can combine them to help make the prepaid order level or to reach a better economy of shipping cost.
  2. If a WOG request comes in after 1:30 PM, both orders will ship the next day.
  3. If one order has already gone through production and has to be pulled to create the WOG, then they will ship the next day.
  4. All orders are subject to the shipping policies.

Orders containing products 4 feet or longer may be subject to additional freight charges. We will contact you with an estimate.