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Commerical Hardware Consultants

The commercial hardware division of Builders' Hardware & Supply has been specifying and supplying door hardware to the Pacific Northwest since 1958.  Our highly qualified consultants monitor the receipt of material from manufacturers and repackage the jobs according to the hardware schedule. We work very closely with the consultants to see that our customers receive their hardware correctly, completely and on time. This department's vast hardware experience and complete parts inventory allows Builders' Hardware to ship many projects directly from inventory. Through the design, specification, budget, bid, key conference, electrical hardware review, supply and key turn-over our staff have the knowledge and experience to make you project run smoothly.

You may find it beneficial to have some information handy when ordering hollow metal doors and frames.  Click here to download a worksheet designed to help.

For General Commercial Sales please call us at 855-627-6877.

Each constultant can be reached by calling their direct line listed below or calling our main long distance number: 800-999-5158. 

Seattle Based Commercial Staff
 BH&S Senior Vice President 
   Clif Tedrick  206-281-3739
   Hakeem Lenear  206-281-3711
   Zoram Garcia  206-281-3712
   Jerry Lomaka  206-281-3700 ext 1751
   Ryan Pratt  206-281-3700 ext 1742
   Nick Boehmer  206-281-3731
   Kevin DeJarnette  206-281-3744
 Consultant Support 
   Julie Hartman  206-812-0498
   Lars Nielsen  206-812-0502
   Jayson Lunde  206-281-3700 ext 1056
 Exec/Administrative support and Bid Mgmt. 
   Darla Rundle  206-281-3700 ext 1067
 Commercial Hardware & Hollow Metal Walk-In and Phone Sales 
   Ross Henne, Dept Mgr  206-281-3703
   Ed Hodge  206-281-3749
   Doug Holderman  206-281-3700 ext 1748
   Gary Streit  206-281-3700 ext 1719
   Dylan Knowles  206-281-3700 ext 1724
 Commercial Outside Sales 
   Rob Wasson 360-967-2086 office
    425-273-6979 cell
   Hank Odland 206-281-3700 office
    206-245-7773 cell
   Randy Dalseg  206-281-3700 ext 2121
   Dave Frost  206-281-3720
   Rick Jacobs  206-281-3700
   Mike Pickley  206-281-3700
   Dan Siegel  206-281-3700
Kennewick Based Commercial Staff
 BH&S Corporate Vice President 
   Randy Dalseg   509-586-8110 ext 2121
 BH&S Kennewick Branch Manager 
   Steve Zanin  509-586-8110 ext 2113
   Bob Larson  509-586-8110 ext 2104
   Belynda Fye  509-586-8110 ext 2105
   James Runyon  509-586-8110 ext 2110
   Rob Riggins  509-586-8110 ext 2109
   Randy Dalseg  509-586-8110 ext 2121